2011 Festival

2011 Tipperary Drama Festival


Friday 18th March (Confined)         Holycross / Ballycahill Drama Group

Lovers At Versailles       By Brian Farrell

The play explains the plight of three women who are left behind when Stephen Sullivan suddenly dies. His wife Clara, always suspected that Stephen had a hidden life. His daughter, Isobel, is determined to use every opportunity to move up the social ladder and Anna, Stephen’s favourite daughter, is now offered a second chance at happiness.

While to all outside of the family they all seem normal, we are gently shown using flashbacks,what this family are really like!

A story of love, and a longing for love, this play is equally entertaining and thought prevoing! When the play ends, and the curtains close, you will be left with a true : “feel good” factor!


Saturday 19th March (Confined)            Skibbereen Theatre Society

A Kiss on the Bottom            By Frank Vickery

Synopsis:  In this heartfelt and bittersweet comedy, a group of women in hospital for cancer treatments must cope with uncertainties  of their health and the inevitable secrets and half-truths from relatives and nursing staff.


Sunday 20th March   (Confined)             Conna Drama Group

Stolen Child             By Yvonne Quinn & Bairbre Ni Chaoimh

Synopsis; Stolen Child” tells the story of a young woman’s journey to find her natural mother and to confront her true identity. Mourning the death of her adoptive mother, Angela sets out to discover her roots. She enlists the help of a shambolic private detective, Mick, whose irreverent humour and hard-drinking lifestyle masks a deep understanding of human frailty. Together they unravel the harrowing story of the mother’s upbringing by nuns in a 1940’s orphanage and the harsh facts surrounding the enforced adoption of her newborn baby. Parallel to Angela’s quest is the heartbreaking personal story of Peggy, the mother, who lived alone in aManchesterbedsit and who must now come face to face with the daughter who was taken from her decades earlier.


Monday 21st March   (Confined)             Schull Drama Group

Kindly leave the Stage             By John Chapman

Synopsis; On stage a classic British comody in full swing. The marriage of Rupert and Sarah is on the rocks, and their lawyer friends, Charles and Madge agree to handle the divorce.After the curtain has been up a few minutes, Rupert forgets has lines, and threatens to kill Charles, in full view of the audience, because he’s been having an affair off stage, with Rupert’s real wife, Madge. The rest of the cast try to ignore the incident and forge ahead with original play. A real life marital comedy now evolves. The situation is further complicated when the actor playing the old father, Edward makes his entrance. He is a aging Shakespearean star,once famous for his King Lear but now an alcoholic on the skids. Edward is blissfully unaware that the play has switched from art to life. In a similar vein to “ Noises Off”, this play is a light hearted tilt at the complete theatricality of stage folk.

Tuesday 22nd March  (Open)            Silken Thomas Players

Angels in America               By Tony Kushner

Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of the aids epidemic during the reaganite years inNew York City, “Angels inAmerica”is a sweeping examination of some of the most basic human emotions about love and death, loyalty and betrayal. The is an epic journal told through the lives of a collection of flawed and fascinating characters. Its essence concerns two couples – one gay and one straight –trying to cope with the disintegration of their relationships and their lives spiralling out of control.


Wednesday 23rd March  (Open)       Bunclody Drama Group

The Mai           By Marina Carr

Synopsis: The events of two summers, the conversations and stories of seven women, the history of a  family and  who fuses past and present, history and lore, into a story as intimate, unique, disturbing, affectionate and recognisable as all family stories.


Thursday 24th March   (Open)          Brideview Players

The Clearing           By Helen Edmonston

Synopsis: The Clearing is a gripping tale of love , politics and betrayal, set inIrelandin 1652. It is a love story set in Cromwellian  Ireland amidst the  atrocities perpetrated on Irish citizens and English sympathisers by, Roundheads and their English overlords, as two star-crossed lovers do their best, against all odds, to be together.


Friday 25th March   (Open)              The Palace Players

Doubt              By Patrick Shanley

Synopsis: Doubt. A Parable’ is a Pullitzer Prize winning play.

The play is set in a Catholic school in theU.S.The principal, Sister Aloysius learns from Sr James that Fr. Flynn has been meeting alone with the only black student in the school. From here we see Sr Aloysius in serious conflict with Fr. Flynn. Charges and threats are made and from there  grow the themes of moral responsibility, of consequences, of doubt. The play finishes leaving the audience divided as to who is right or wrong.


Saturday 26th March   (Open)        The Nenagh Players

Out Of Order           By Ray Cooney

When Richard Willey, a Government Junior Minister, plan to spend the evening in a posh Dublin hotel with Sally, one of the opposition secretaries, things go disastrously wrong, beginning with the discovery of a “body” trapped in the hotel’s only unreliable sash window.  Desperately trying to get out of an extremely sticky situation, Richard calls for his personal secretary George Reilly who, through Richard’s lies sinks further & further into trouble with everybody & end up going through an identity crisis.  Things go from bad to worse with the arrival of Ronnie, Sally’s distraught husband & with the addition of an unscrupulous waiter, Mrs. Willey & a frantic Nurse things really come to a head.  “FaultyTowers” meets “Yea Minister” with hilarious consequences.



HANNIFIN CUP  (Entertaining Play)  “Out of Order” Nenagh DG

GALLAGHER AWARD for most promising actor/actressHolly Hardwicke/”Sarah” Schull DG

DR.MORRIS MEMORIAL CUP  [ Tipperary Group)  Nenagh DG

BEST SET OVERALL[Josie Slattery Perptual Trophy] Angels in America/Silken Thomas


1st ADJUDICATOR AWARDFrank McGrath /Out of Order/Nenagh DG

2nd ADJUDICATOR AWARD “Jelvon Doran as Mrs.Muller /Doubt /Palace Players



BEST ACTOR :   Pat Bracken / Edward in  “Kindly Leave the Stage” Schull DG

BEST ACTRESS : Diana Lacey /Clara in “Lovers at Versailles” Holycross/Ballycahill DG

BEST SUPP.ACTOR: Liam Hannigan / Mick in  “Stolen Child”  Conna DG

BEST SUPP. ACTRESS: Jackie Lacey /Isobel in “Lovers at Versailles” Holycross/Ballycahill

3rd  –        A Kiss on the Bottom  / Skibbereen DG

2nd  –        Stolen Child  / Conna DG

1st   –        Lovers at Versailles  /  Holycross/Ballycahill DG

BEST PRODUCER :     Pat McGrath Holycross/Ballycahill DG

OPEN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 BEST ACTOR : (Matthew Bourke) Kevin Walsh as Richard / Out of Order /Nenagh DG

BEST ACTRESS : Trisha Lowry as Harper Pitt /Angels in America/Silken Thomas

BEST SUPP.ACTOR : Dean Gorry as Belize /Angels in America / Silken Thomas

BEST SUPP.ACTRESS : Mary Gibbons as Grandma / The Mai / Bunclody/Kilmihil DG

3rd  “The Mai / Bunclody /Kilmihil DG

2nd   “Out of Order” Nenagh DG

1st        TIPP FM TROPHY   “Angels in America” Silken Thomas”

BEST PRODUCER: Sean Judge / Silken Thomas

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