2018 Festival

Adjudicator: Imelda McDonagh

2018 County Tipperary Drama Festival RESULTS


(P) HANNIFIN CUP (Entertaining Play) “Caught in the Net” Conna D.G.

(A) GALLAGHER AWARD for most promising actor/actress – Lily Heindeich as Kathy “Unbroken Circle” Gorey

(P) DR.MORRIS MEMORIAL CUP [ Tipperary Group) ”Bold Girls” ; Holycrossd/ Ballycahill D.G.

(A) BEST SET OVERALL[Josie Slattery Perptual Trophy] :”Blithe Spirit” Thurles D.G.

(C) 1st ADJUDICATOR AWARD: “Caught in the Net” : Conna D.G.

(C) 2nd ADJUDICATOR AWARD :HolyCross/Ballycahill:Miriam Lanigan,Paddy Connolly & Conor O’ Connell



(A) BEST ACTOR : Kris Cowming as Guy “Some Girl(s)” Curtain CallProductions

(A) BEST ACTRESS .. Jenny Bracken as Marie

(B) BEST SUPP.ACTOR: Paul Delany as Tony “ Abigails Party” Skibbereen D.G.

(B) BEST SUPP. ACTRESS: Vanessa /Hyde as Lyndsay: “Some Girl(s) :Curtain Call

3rd “Abigail’s Party”: Skibbereen D.G.

2nd “Bold Girls” : Holycross/Ballycahill D.G.

(P) 1st Tipperary Star Cup “Some Girl(s)” Curtain Call Productions,Dungarvan

(A) BEST PRODUCER : Fidelma Meaney: “Some Girl(s)” Curtain Call . Dungarvan


A& P) BEST ACTOR (Matthew Bourke) :Sean Aherne as Mick “Stolen Child” Brideview D.G.

(A) BEST ACTRESS : Mary Bowe as Elvira “Blithe Spirit” : Thurles D.G.

(B) BEST SUPP.ACTOR : Niall McGrath as Bobby “Unbroken Circle” Gorey L.T.G.

(B) BEST SUPP.ACTRESS : Helen Aherne as Peggy “Stolen Child” Brideview D.G.

3rd “Blithe Spirit” : Thurles D.G.

2nd “Duet for One” : Nenagh D.G.

(P) 1st TIPP FM TROPHY : “Stolen Child” : Brideview D.G

(A) BEST PRODUCER:(Frank Gleeson Award) Jack Aherne “Stolen Child” Brideview D.G.

Schools Drama:WINNER : Ursuline Convent,Thurles , Scoil Na Trioda Naofa,Doon : Bog Oak-

Vase 1 Gallagher Award

2 Best Set

3 Best Actor Confined

4 Best Actress Confined

5 Best Producer Confined

6 Best Actor Open

7 Best Actress Open

8 Best Producer Open (Frank Gleeson)

Bowl 1 Best Supporting Actor Confined

2 Best Supporting Actress Confined

3 Best Sipporting Actor Open

4 Best Supporting Actress Open

Adjudicators 1 Candle Holder

2 Candle Holder


Fri. 16th Mar. (O) “Unbroken Circle” Gorey L.T.G.

Sat.17th Mar. (C) “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” Kilworth D.G.

Sun. 18th Mar. (C) Abigail’s Party Skibbereen d.G.

Mon.19th Mar.(C) “Caught in the Net” Conna D.G.

Tue.20th Mar. (O) “Stolen Child” Brideview D.G.

Wed. 21st Mar.(O) “Blyth Spirit” Thurles D.G.

Thu.22nd Mar. (C) “Some Girl(s)” Curtain Call

Fri.23rd Mar. (C) “Bold Girls” Holycross/Ballycahill D.G.

Sat.24th Mar. (O) “Duet for One” Nenagh Players



Fri. 16th Mar. (O) “Unbroken Circle” Gorey L.T.G.

Synopsis of Play:

Set in 1970 Texas A family is brought together in years on the day of it’s Patriorachs funeral. As day turns into night the impact of the man on his family unfolds in surprising ways leaving each member grappling with the truth. It is at times funny and disturbing as it explore’s family secrets.

History of Group:

Gorey Little Theatre is one of Wexford’s renowned theatre groups. It is a very active group running strong since the 1950’s . We have a a full programme of drama theatre all year around . We have two summer productions, Pantomime and host one act and three act festivals.


Sat.17th Mar. (C)“The Beauty Queen of Leenane” Kilworth D.G.

Synopsis of Play:

The play is primarily about the relationship between mother and daughter living in an isolated part of Ireland. The mother Mag is manipulative and exploits her daughter Maureen to a point where she becomes bitter and neurotic. Maureen has a chance of normality when she runs into Pato a local stable lad who becomes enamoured with her. Mag steps in and subverts their growing relationship driving Maureen to insanity, thus making her an image of her mother.

Group History:

Kilworth Dramatic Society are an amateur drama group based in north Cork. Our purpose is to promote and encourage a fun drama experience for all age groups. We perform one and three act plays annually with proceeds benefiting local charities and organisations. 2017 was our first experience of the festival circuit and we look forward to having the opportunity to develop further as a group in 2018.

Sun. 18th Mar.(C) Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh Skibbereen D.G.

Synopsis of Play :

Set in 197o’s England, “Abigail’s Party” is a suburban Comedy of manners and a satire on the aspirations and tastes of the new middle class that emerged at the time.

History of the Group:

Having rested in 2017(during which they presented three plays on their home ground) Skibbereen T.S. is back on the festival circuit for 2018 . Regular qualifiers and twice runners up in the All Ireland Confined finals they are hoping that Abigail’s Party will put them in line for All Ireland honours.


Mon.19th Mar.(C) “Caught in the Net” Conna D.G.

Synopsis of Play

Taxi driver, John Smith, has been living a double life as long as he can remember. He is happily married to Mary and lives in Wimbledon where they have one teenage child, Vicki. But he has a home in Streatham as well, where he is, surprise, surprise – happily married! to Barbara, And with one teenage child – Gavin.

He is very contented, though somewhat exhausted with his hectic lifestyle. And then, through the wonders of the internet, Gavin and Vicki cross paths. Their lives, they find, have wonderful coincidences and they decide they should meet. Throw in the “helpful” lodger Stanley Gardner, and the plot thickens even further. What follows is a mixture of subterfuge, panic, perspiration and downright hilarity.

History of Group

Conna, a small rural village in North Cork has a long history of drama. The Conna Drama Group, inactive for a number of years was reformed in 1991 and since then have successfully staged a full length play every year, as well as a number of One Act productions in recent years. The Group has also competed on the Festival Circuit with some great success, reaching the All-Ireland final twice with their productions of “Sive” and “Stolen Child”.

A lot of silverware has found its way to display cabinets in Conna and hopefully much more to come for many years to come.

Tue.20th Mar. (O) “Stolen Child” Brideview D.G.

Synopsis of Play:

Humorous yet moving, Stolen Child tells the story of a woman adopted at birth who enlists the help of a colourful private detective to search for her mother and uncover the secrets of her family history. What begins as a personal odyssey for Angela Tierney to discover the secrets of her family history soon becomes a fascinating exploration of one of the darkest chapters in the history of modern Ireland.

Group History:

Brideview Drama began competing in the both the One-Act and Three-Act All Ireland Festival Circuit in the early 90’s beginning with ‘The Year of the Hiker’ by J.B.Keane. They went from strength to strength, winning the Confined Three-Act All-Ireland in 2005 with ‘Moonshine’ by Jim Nolan. Competing in the Open Section since 2006 they have won a number of festivals and awards, coming close to qualifying for the

All-Ireland Final with ‘Pied a Tierre’ in 2010 and with ‘Same Old Moon’ in 2012.

Wed. 21st Mar.(O) “Blyth Spirit” Thurles D.G.

Synopsis of the Play:

This smash comedy hit of the London and Broadway stage offers up fussy, cantankerous novelist Charles Condomine, remarried but haunted (literally) by the ghost of his late first wife, the clever and insistent Elvira, who is called up by a visiting “happy medium”, one Madame Arcati. As the (worldly and un-worldy) personalities clash, Charles’ current wife Ruth is accidentally killed, “passes over”, joins Elvira and the two “blithe spirits” haunt the hapless Charles into perpetuity.

History of the Group

Thurles Drama Group was founded in 1967, and normally produces two full plays each year, and a soiree comprised of a selection of scenes from various plays enabling many new members to experience what it is like to perform in front of an audience. The Group has been to the All Ireland in both Confined and Open on many occasions.

Thu.22nd Mar. (C) “Some Girl(s)” Curtain Call

Synopsis of Play:

“Guy,” an up-and-coming writer, is about to get married. Before his wedding, he decides to visit his ex-girlfriends, all of whom he mistreated. We follow “Guy” on his odyssey through the landscape of his messy breakups. Criss-crossing the U.S., he reunites with Sam, his high school sweetheart; Tyler, his sexually liberated fling; Lindsay, a married college professor; and Bobbi, “The One That Got Away.”

Group Information:

Curtain Call Productions Dungarvan was founded in 2014 in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. This is Curtain Call’s 3rd time taking part in the ADCI Three-Act drama festival circuit. In 2016, they performed “The Graduate” by Terry

Johnson and in 2017, they performed “Closer” by Patrick Marber, winning numerous awards for acting, directing, set design and lighting. Curtain Call are delighted to be participating in the circuit once again in 2018.

Fri.23rd Mar. (C) “Bold Girls” Holycross/Ballycahill D.G.

Synopsis of Play:

Bold Girls is a stirring play about the lives of three women, Marie, Nora and Cassie, living in war-torn Belfast. Although their men have been killed or imprisoned for their political activities, everyday life must go on. But the appearance of a disturbing young girl, and Cassie’s revelations suddenly threaten Marie’s carefully structured widowhood.

History of the Group:

Holycross-Ballycahill Drama Group are in existence for over fifty years. We are based in the picturesque village of Holycross, alongside the famous Holycross Abbey.

The group have reached the All Ireland Confined Finals on many occasions, most recently this year,2016, in Castleblayney with “The Thrill of Love” by Amanda Whittington and in 2013 in Rossmore Co. Cork with “The God of Carnage” by Yasmina Reza. We have won numerous acting, directing and set awards, not only on the country’s festival circuit, but also in All Ireland competitions.

“Sive” by J.B. Keane, “Run For Your Wife” by Ray Cooney, “Woman and Scarecrow” by Marina Carr and T.S. Elliot’s “Murder in the Cathedral” are among the critically acclaimed productions that the group have performed around the country. We have even brought “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” by Martin Mc Donagh to Germany following a special request by the American forces based there to perform at their base in Heidelberg.

Sat.24th Mar. (O) “Duet for One” Nenagh Players

Synopsis of Play:

Stephanie was a World famous violinist until stuck down by multiple sclerosis, which now confines her to a wheelchair. On her husband’s advice she comes to consult with Dr. Feldmann to help her adjust to life without her main interest. At first she appears to have made a successful attempt at this. But under Dr. Feldmann’s quiet, probing questions, layer after layer is revealed, exposing dangerous depths of resentment and despair. As the sessions progress she becomes more and more aggressive towards the psychiatrist, until finally he is, seemingly, provoked out of his professional detachment into a powerful statement of his beliefs and view of life. As they face off against each other we witness a gripping battle of wills.

History of Group:

The Nenagh Players group was founded in 1943 and has been very active every year since. They won the All Ireland Confined Finals in 1998 with “Flight to Grosse Ile “ by Jim Minogue and again in 2000 with “April Bright “ by Dermot Bolger. They moved into the Open section in 2002 and have won many individual awards since then. They have qualified for the Athlone finals on seven occasions.

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