2022 Festival




    Festival Director : Donal Duggan,  Holycross, Co.Tipperary

    Phone: 086-257 5159  Email: donal@dugganvet.ie  Fax:0504-43147


Adjudicator:  ANNA WALKER         




   (P) HANNIFIN CUP  (Entertaining Play)  Conversations on a Homecoming / Kilmeen D.G.     

      GALLAGHER AWARD for most promising actor/actressJustine Murphy  / The Beacon

(P) DR.MORRIS MEMORIAL CUP  [ Tipperary Group) Holycross/ Ballycahill

(A) BEST SET OVERALL[Josie Slattery Perptual Trophy] The Door on the Left / Cornmill


(C) 1st ADJUDICATOR AWARD: Kilworth D.G.

(C) 2nd ADJUDICATOR AWARD :Fionn Stafford / The Kings of Kilburn High Road/Camross

Best Lighting: Corn Mill D.G.

Best Sound:Corn Mill D.G. 



(A) BEST ACTOR : Pat Sinnott as Jap/Kings of Kilburn High Road/Camross D.G.

(A) BEST ACTRESS : Patricia Coghlan as Deirdre /The Quiet Moment/Kilworth D.G.

(B) BEST SUPP.ACTOR:Moss Carroll as Eddie /The Quiet Moment / Kilworth D.G.

(B) BEST SUPP.ACTRESS:Mary Earlie as Kay/Little Gem/ Kilrush D.G.

 3rd   Little Gem / Kilrush D.G.                                    

 2nd   The Quiet Moment / Kilworth D.G.                                                                                             

(P) 1st  Tipperary Star Cup  “The Kings of Kilburn High Road/Camross D.G

 BEST PRODUCER : Michael Stafford/Kings of Kilburn High Road/Camross D.G.



BEST ACTOR (Matthew Bourke) : Denis O’sullivan as “Michael” (Conversations of a Homecoming)

BEST ACTRESS :Sheila Wall as “Missus” (Conversations of a Homecoming,Kilmeen)

BEST SUPP.ACTOR: Lar McCarthy as “Junior” Conversations of a Homecoming.Kilmeen

BEST SUPP.ACTRESS  : Sharon Mawe as “Peggy” Conversations of a Homecoming,Kilmeen

 3rd    Ballycogley “The Beacon”                                

 2nd   Corn mill D.G. “The door on the Left”             

(P) 1st  TIPP FM TROPHY   : Kilmeen D.G. Conversations of a Homecoming

(A) BEST PRODUCER:(Frank Gleeson Award) Christy O’Sullivan Kilmeen  




Friday 18  (O) The Beacon  Ballycogley Players
    by Nancy Harris  
Saturday 19  (O) The Door on the Left Carrigallen D.G
    by Killian McGuinnes  
Sunday 20  (O) Conversation of a Homecoming Kilmeen D.G.
    by Tom Murphy  
Monday 21  (C) Little Gem Kilrush D.G.
    by Elaine Murphy  
Wednesday 23  (C) The Quite Moment Kilworth D.G.
    By Mick Finn  
Thursday 24  (C) Moll Hollycross/ Ballycahill D.G.
    By John B. Keane  
Friday 25  (C) Brighton Skibbereen T.S.
    By Jimm Nolan  
Saturday 26  (C) The Kings of Kilburn High Road  Camross D.G.
    By Jimmy Murphy  

Friday 18 (O) “ “The Beacon”     Ballycogley Players

By Nancy Harris

Synopsis of Play: A mysterious accident. A dead husband. People are talking. Secrets are resurfacing from the depths. Is the past ever truly dead? Biev, a celebrated artist, has moved from Dublin to her holiday cottage on an island off the west coast of West Cork but a dark shadow from the past hangs over her. When her estranged son and his new young wife arrive to stay, she is faced with some difficult questions.

The play is set in Biev’s cottage over a few days in summer with nine scenes in two acts.

Time – Present  :

Note: Some strong language and sexual references

Group History:  Ballycogley Players were founded over 40 years ago. They perform Three One Act Comedies during Wexford Opera Fringe Festival and South Wexford areas each year. They have been regular performers on the Amateur Drama Festival Circuit, winning the Confined All Ireland in 2006 with The Weir and 2018 with The Night Alive, both written by Conor McPherson. The Group also undertake charity performances for local organisations and communities each year. The Group are delighted to welcome new members from teenage upwards.




Saturday 19 (O) “The Door on the Left”     Cornmill T.G. Carrigallen

By Killian McGuinness

Synopsis of Play: The play is set in south Leitrim against the background of the civil war which ensued as a result of the signing of the Anglo Irish Treaty 1921. Mary Bracken becomes the local curates housekeeper and this gives her family a bit of importance.

Group History:  The tradition of drama in Carrigallen goes backto the late 1800’s.The present group was founded in 1963 as the Community Players and their has been no break in activity since that time. The group has competed on the festival circuit since 1970 and has reached the all Ireland finals many times ,winning in 1998 with the Belfry,in 2005 with Stolen Child and 2014 with  the Devil’s Ceili. They also won the Abbey Theatre Award in 2014 & 2019.




Sunday 20 (O) “Conversations of a Homecoming”     Kilmeen D.G.

By Tom Murphy

Synopsis of Play:Over a long drinking session in an East Galway pub a group of friends gather together after an absence of ten years. Faced with the changes the years have brought, they begin a long process of self-discovery.

History of the Group: : Kilmeen Drama Group, based in Rossmore, West Cork, are one of the longest established drama groups in the country. The group competes in both the One Act and Three Act circuits each year as well as running a Summer Theatre programme in the months of July and August.

 At National level Kilmeen were All Ireland 3 Act Champions in 2006,2011,2012 and 2013. They also won All Ireland glory in 2011 in the One Act finals with “Disco Pigs”




Monday 21 (C)  “Little Gem”     Kilrush D.G.

By Elaine Murphy

Synopsis of Play : Three generations of Dublin women tell their stories of a special year in their lives.


Happy-go-lucky Amber, fresh out of school, is high on life, double Sambucas and boyfriend Paul – that is until the ‘indigestion’ starts.

Her mother Lorraine attacks a customer at work and now she’s seeing a ‘head doctor’. She’s told to do one nice thing for herself each week – time to sign up for Salsa classes.

Nanny Kay, meanwhile, is finding life on the wrong side of sixty frustrating. Ailing husband Gem doesn’t like the neighbours coming in to mind him and she’s missing more than just his conversation!

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, little Gem makes his presence felt and life is never the same again.

.History of the Group: Kilrush Drama Group was founded by Mick Byrne in 1964 and have participated in the 3-Act Festival Circuit almost every year since 1965. The Group also presents a comedy each Autumn in the Parish Hall in Ballyroebuck and have been involved in numerous pageants over the years. In 2015, Kilrush DG won the Confined All-Ireland Drama Final in Kilmuckridge with their production of Poor Beast in the Rain by Billy Roche




Tuesday 22 CANCELLED Due to COVID




Wednesday 23 (C) “The Quite Moment”     Kilworth D.G.

By Mick Finn

Synopsis: Set in Limerick,this play examines relationships and memories in the Conway familyas they come to terms with their father developing Alzheimers. It is a rollercoaster journey of laughter and tears that will stay with the audience long after the final curtain.

History of the Group: Kilworth Dramatic Society are an amateur drama group based in north Cork. Our purpose is to promote and encourage a fun drama experience for all ages groups. We perform one and three act plays annually with proceeds benefitting local charities and organisations.




Thursday 24 (C) “Moll”     Hollycross/Ballycahill D.G.  






Friday 25 (C) “Brighton”     Skibbereen T.S.

By Jim Nolan

Synopsis of Play: Dave, a care assistant with a complicated love life, Jack a professional actor who

 has suffered a life changing accident, and Lily, a retired Irish born civil servant, cross paths in the

 Sisters of Calvary Nursing Home on the Hammersmith Road, London in this bittersweet

 comedy about friendship, determination and survival.


Group History: Now in their fourth decade of presenting plays both on the festival circuit and at home, Skibbereen Theatre Society has qualified for the All-Ireland finals on six of their last eight attempts. Patrons will remember their last three offerings in the finals: “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” (Martin McDonagh) in Doonbeg 2019; “The Quiet Moment” (Mike Finn) in Castleblaney 2016 and “Family Plot” (Daragh Carville) in Kilmuckridge 2015.




Saturday 26 (C) “The Kings of Kilburn High Road”     Camross D.G.

By Jimmy Murphy 

Synopsis of Play: In the mid-1970s, six young men emigrate to London in the hope of making their fortunes. Like so many of their generation, they spend their lives in manual labour and construction work. They intended to stay only a little while, make some money and return home as successful men,

Now, twenty-something years later, they are still in LondonOne is successful. The others are broken from lives of hard work and even harder drinking.Five gather in a side room of a London pub drink to their fallen friend – the only one to make it home, albeit in a coffin.Secrets are revealed and lies are uncovered

Group History: Camross D.G.was formed in 1955 and has consistently produced one acts and full length plays yearly since then.

Better known on the one act circuit with four all Ireland wins, the last in 2008.

This is our second venture onto the full length circuit having performed “The Loves of Cass Maguire” in 2013