2020 Festival

Friday 20  (C) The year of the Hiker Camross D.G.
    By John B.Keane  
Saturday 21  (C) Daughter from Over the Water Kilmuckridge D.G.
    By M.J.Molloy  
Sunday 22  (O) Dreamland Ballycogley D.G.
    By Jim Nolan  
Monday 23  (C) Steel Magnolias Skibbereen D.G.
    By Robert Harling  
Tuesday 24  (O) Bailegangaire Brideview D.G.
    By Tom Murphy  
Wednesday 25  (C) The Quite Moment Kilworth D.G.
    By Mick Finn  
Thursday 26  (C) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Mullingar D.G.
     By Dale Wassermann  
Friday 27  (O) Sharon’s Grave Kilmeen D.G.
    By John B.Keane  
Saturday 28  (O) Alone It Stands Insight D.G.
    By John Breen