2019 Festival

Tipperary Drama Festival 2019

St. Michael’s Hall, Holycross

Open Groups & Results in RED  Confined Groups & Results in BLUE

Adjudicator – David Scott






Fri 22nd


Tinahealy Variety Group


Patricia Burke Brogan


Sat 23rd


Kilmeen D.G..

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Martin McDonagh

Sun 24thMarch

Nenagh Players

What Happened Bridgie Cleary

Tom McIntyre


Mon 25th  March

Kilrush D.G.

The Steward of Christendom

Sebastian Barry


Tues 26th


Brideview D.G.

Philadelphia Here I Come

Brian Friel


Wed 27th  March

Tarbert D.G.

The Honeyspike

Bryan McMahon


Thurs 28th


Kilworth D.G.


John McDwyer


Fri 29th


‘Holycross/Ballycahill DG

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Martin McDonagh


Sat 30th


Kilmuckridge D.G.

The Righteous are Bold

Frank Carney



                                                           Adjudicator: David Scott         


(P) HANNIFIN CUP  (Entertaining Play)Philadelphia Here I Come : BrideviewD.G.


(A)   GALLAGHER AWARD for most promising actor/actress –Conor Goulding as Ned : Philadelphia Here I Come


   (P) DR.MORRIS MEMORIAL CUP  [ Tipperary Group) Holycross/Ballycahill D.G.


    (A) BEST SET OVERALL[Josie Slattery Perptual Trophy] Beauty Queen of Leenane : Holycross/Ballycahill D.G.


    (B)  Best Lighting :What Happened to Bridgie Cleary : Nenagh Players

    (B)   Best Sound : The Righteous are Bold :Kilmuckridge D.G.


   (C) 1st ADJUDICATOR AWARD: Kris Cowming  as Gar Public ;Philadelphia Here I Come

(C)     2nd ADJUDICATOR AWARD : John Stack as Gar Private    Brideview D.G.      



   (A) BEST ACTOR : Eugene McLoughlins as Fr.O’Malley: The Righteous are Bold:Kilmuckridge

   (A) BEST ACTRESS :Hannah McNiven as Nora Geraty:The Righteous are Bold:Kilmuckridge D.G.

  (B) BEST SUPP.ACTOR: Diana Lacey as Mag :The Beauty Queen of Leenane: Holycross/Ballycahill

   (B) BEST SUPP. ACTRESS:Mark Fitzell as Ray:The Beauty Queen of Leenane:Holycross/Ballycahill

    3rd     “Eclipsed”   :    Tinahealy Variety Group                                                                                        

    2nd     “The Righteous are Bold  :  Kilmuckridge D.G                                                                                                         

    (P) 1st       Tipperary Star Cup  “The Beauty Queen of Leenane :: Holycross/Ballycahill D.G.

   (A) BEST PRODUCER :  Claire Ryan : The Beauty Queen of Leenane: Holycross/Ballycahill D.G.        


A&  P)   BEST ACTOR (Matthew Bourke) : Michael Dunbar as Thomas Dunne:The Steward of     Christendom:  Kilrush D.G.

BEST ACTRESS :Kirsty Ryan as Bridgie Cleary:What Happened Bridgie Cleary: Nenagh Players          


(A)            BEST SUPP.ACTOR  : Sean Ahern as SB O’Donnell: Philadelphia Here I Come : Brideview D.G.       


   (B) BEST SUPP.ACTRESS  :  Helen Aherne as Madge : Philadelphia Here I Come: Brideview D.G.                 

                        3rd                    What Happened Bridgie Cleary : Nenagh Players                          

                        2nd                   The Steward of Christendom : Kilrush D.G.                                                                                                                      

   (P) 1st        TIPP FM TROPHY   : Philadelphia Here I Come : Brideview D.G.


   (A) BEST PRODUCER:(Frank Gleeson Award)  Donal Bray : Nenagh Players                    


Schools Drama:WINNER : Ursuline Convent,Thurles ,   Presentation Convent Thurles :  Bog Oak

Friday 22 (C) Eclipsed Tinahealy D.G.
By Patricia Burke Brogan

Saturday 23 (O) The Lieutenant of Inishmore Kilmeen D.G.
By Martin McDonagh

Sunday 24 (O) What Happened Bridgie Cleary Nenagh D.G.
By Tom McIntyre

Monday 25 (O) ‘The Steward of Christendom’ Kilrush D.G.
By Sebastion Barry

Tuesday 26 (O) Philadelphia Here I Come Brideview D.G.
By Brien Friel

Wednesday 27 (C) The Honeyspike
By Bryan McMahon Tarbert D.G.

Thursday 28 (C) Unforgiven Kilworth D.S.
by John McDwyer

Friday 29 (C) The Beauty Queen of Leenane Holycross/Ballycahill
by Martin McDonagh

Saturday 30 (C) The Righteous are Bold Kilmuckridge D.G.
By Frank Carney

Friday 22 (C) Eclipsed

Tinahealy Variety G. By Patricia Burke Brogan

Synopsis of Play

Framed by a present-day prologue and epilogue, the play is set in1963 in a convent laundry at St. Paul’s Home for Penitent Women in Killmacha, Ireland. Eclipsed explores the practice of making pregnant and unwed Irish mothers work as ‘penitents’ in church-run laundries. Supervised by nuns who regarded these women as mindless vessels of evil, the women were treated as virtual slaves and their infants were forcibly put up for adoption.

Group History

Tinahely Variety Group was established in 1993. They entered the festival circuit in the mid-90s and reached the confined section of the All-Ireland with two One Act plays. ‘The Typist’ in 2005 and ‘A Galway Girl’ in 2010. They have been off circuit for a few years but have been active locally with pantos and plays.

Saturday 23 (O) The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Kilmeen D.G. By Martin McDonagh

Synopsis of Play:

Who knocked ‘Mad Padraic’s’ cat over on a lonely road  on the island of Inishmore, and was it an accident?? He’ll want to know when he gets back from a stint of torture and chip-shop bombing in Northern Ireland: he loves his cat more than life itself.

Setting:   1993, the Island of Inishmore.

History of the Group:

Kilmeen Drama Group, based in Rossmore, West Cork, are one of the longest established drama groups in the country, regularly competing on the 3 Act and 1 Act circuits. Kilmeen  have appeared in the 3 Act All Ireland Open Finals in Athlone  on 22 occasions, winning the title 4 times.

Sunday 24 (O) What Happened Bridgie Cleary

Nenagh D.G. By Tom McIntyre

Setting : Set in an anteroom of heaven.


Bridgie Cleary, a young farmer’s wife, was burned alive in Tipperary for alleged witchcraft in 1895. In MacIntyre’s play, Bridgie is reunited in the anteroom of heaven with her husband and her lover, both of whom are haunted by their love for her, and by their participation in her strange death.

Group History

The Nenagh Players group was founded in 1943 and has been very active every year since. They won the All Ireland Confined Finals in 1998 with ‘ “Flight to Grosse Ile “ by Jim Minogue and again in 2000 with “April Bright “ by Dermot Bolger. They moved into the Open section in 2002 and have won many individual awards since then. They have qualified for the Athlone finals on seven occasions.

Monday 25 (O) The Steward of Christendom’

Kilrush D.G. By Sebastion Barry

Synopsis of Play

The Steward of Christendom is about one man’s journey to true freedom, many years after he rejected the freedom granted to the Irish Free State. Now a patient in a county home, Thomas Dunne, the last Chief Superintendent of the Dublin Metropolitan Police in 1922, looks back on his life as he tries to keep his memories and ghosts at bay.

Group History

Kilrush Drama Group celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2014 and founding member and Director Mick Byrne has been at the helm of the group since it’s beginning in 1964. Kilrush DG partake in the 3-Act Festival Circuit each year and have performed in the Open Section since 2016, having won the Premier Award in the 2015 Confined All Ireland with their production of ‘Poor Beast in the Rain’. The Group also presents a comedy each Autumn in the Parish Hall in Ballyroebuck. In July 2018, Kilrush performed ‘Flight to Grosse Ile’ as a pageant in conjunction with the Coollattin Canadian Connection. Members of Kilrush Drama Group founded the South Wicklow Drama Festival in 2005 and they hosted the Confined All Ireland Drama Finals in Carnew in April 2018.

Tuesday 26 (O) Philadelphia Here I Come

Brideview D.G. By Brien Friel

Synopsis of Play

Fed up with the dreary round of life in Ballybeg, with his uncommunicative father and his humiliating job at his father’s grocery shop, with his frustrated love for Kathy Doogan who married a richer, more successful young man and with the total absence of prospect and opportunity in his life at home, Gareth O’Donnell has accepted his aunt’s invitation to come to Philadelphia. On the eve of his departure, despite the fantasies Gar entertains of life in America, all it would take to stop him leaving would be one word of affection from his father or Kathy, or a word of genuine understanding from his friends.

Group History

Brideview Drama was formed in the late 1980s by a small number of drama enthusiasts in the locality, many of whom are still active members of the group. The group began competing in both the One-Act and Three-Act All Ireland Festival Circuit in the early 90’s beginning with ‘The Year of the Hiker’ by J.B.Keane. They went from strength to strength, winning the Confined Three-Act All-Ireland in 2005 with ‘Moonshine’ by Jim Nolan. They moved up to the Open Section in 2006 and finished in second in the All-Ireland Finals with ‘Stolen Child’ in 2018.

Wednesday 27  (C) The Honeyspike

Tarbert D.G. By Bryan McMahon

Synopsis of Play

The Honey Spike, this play is written by Listowel’s Bryan MacMahon. It tells the story of a young married Traveller couple who,in a race against time, travel through Ireland on their spring cart. Their families, relatives, friends and foes are all part of the plot line in what is a very evocative stage production of a life lived by Irish Travellers in the mid 20th century

Group History

Tarbert Theatre Players was formed in 2015. Their first production was Diarmy written by Mary Lavery Carrig. This play was very well received and enjoyed full houses in West Limerick and North Kerry. They have been busy since performing several one act plays and variety shows.The Honey Spike is an ambitious undertaking for our young drama group but there is enthusiasm aplenty! 

Thursday 28 (C) Unforgiven

Kilworth D.G. By John McDwyer

Synopsis of Play

Bachelor brothers P.J and Seamie await their sick fathers death for different reasons. Meanwhile, neighbor Mary is nursing her ill mother towards death under the watchful eye of P.J, who has big plans for the aftermath of the deaths. When the brothers father dies, another brother, Eamonn, comes back from America for the funeral. Will his arrival wreck P.J’s plans, and why did he leave in the first place?

Group Information

Kilworth Dramatic Society are an amateur drama group based in north Cork. Our purpose is to promote and encourage a fun drama experience for all ages groups. We perform one and three act plays annually with proceeds benefitting local charities and organisations.

Friday 29 (C) The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Holycross/Ballycahill D.G. By Martin McDonagh

Synopsis of the play

The Beauty Queen of Leenane is set in Leenane, in the mountains of Connemara. The play tells the story of Maureen Folan, a plain and lonely woman in her early 40s, and Mag, her manipulative, aging mother. Maureen is Mag’s carer, a job she finds challenging. Mag’s interference in Maureen’s first and potentially last romantic relationship sets in motion a chain of events that are as tragically funny as they are horrific.

History of the Group:    Holycross-Ballycahill Drama Group are in existence for well over fifty years. We are based in the picturesque village of Holycross, County Tipperary, alongside the famous Holycross Abbey.

The group have reached the All Ireland Confined Finals on many occasions, most recently in 2017, with “Little Gem” by Elaine Murphy, in Castleblayney in 2016 with “The Thrill of Love” by Amanda Whittington and in 2013 in Rossmore Co. Cork with “The God of Carnage” by Yasmina Reza. We have won numerous acting, directing and set awards, not only on the country’s festival circuit, but also in All Ireland competitions.

“Sive” by J.B. Keane, “Run For Your Wife” by Ray Cooney, “Woman and Scarecrow” by Marina Carr and T.S. Elliot’s “Murder in the Cathedral” are among  the critically acclaimed productions that the group have performed around the country. We have even brought “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” by Martin Mc Donagh to Germany following a special request by the American forces based there to perform at their base in Heidelberg.

Saturday 30 (C) The Righteous are Bold

By Frank Carney

Kilmuckridge D.G.

Synopsis of Play

The play opens with the abrupt return of Nora Geraty from war-torn England, to her home on Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo. Her father, mother and brother are troubled that she has been incommunicado for some months. Ominously, they receive notice of Nora’s homecoming from an English priest who warns that she has been “unwell”. It becomes apparent that the nature of her “illness” is not physical; the struggle to “cure” Nora instigates a battle between pre-Christian, Christian and scientific belief systems.

Group Information

Kilmuckridge Drama Group reformed in 2007 and has put on 3 act plays on the festival circuit every year since then. It also competes on the 1 act play circuit.

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